How To Start Your First Blog?

How To Start Your First Blog-Today I brought a new article for such people who want to start a blog and don’t know about Blogging.

  • Check these steps about blogging if you want to start blogging and wanna learn to it.
Step 1:

Find a good topic of your interest, such that if even nobody going to pay for that then also you will not stop writing on that topic and you just forget about everything else when you start that topic. Then write a blog of your choice, with a reader’s view and considering easy to read behavior. Use images Bold texts and Catchy Title.

Step 2:

As you create a blog then you will need a theme that user can’t resist reading the topic. There are several free themes online for blogger download them and then upload to your blog, but before that make sure you have made a backup of your previous theme so that if you don’t like the new one you can replace it with old one. Choosing free theme causes copyright and so there is a link at footer which we can not remove it, keep it as it is don’t worry about it.

Step 3:

While writing post keep this in mind that you must add a good title to the post, in main and in the post also, while writing you can choose any category for your text like ‘title, heading, subheading etc.’ which will make the google search to find your blog easily by searching the main text. Use these tricks only when necessary, also add a caption to images in post title to the image and a description to that image. Before posting there is an option called label which categories the post in different type so don’t forget to add the label to post.

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Step 4:

As you have uploaded a new theme then it might happen you will not require everything that the theme has, so you can edit/delete the widgets simply by going into the option layout and put it as where you want to display, just keep in mind the theme must be mobile friendly as there are lots of mobile users than a desktop users.

Step 5:

Now Theme did, Post done, this time is for SEO, Write correct and popular keywords in meta head tag to your blog by simply going in the Edit HTML option. Also add default language of your blog, the description in meta head and language of your meta tags. There is the limit for the meta keywords that are maxed 300 characters. And for meta description that is 150 characters, max Done nice! Now submit your blog to webmaster provided by Google, Bing, and Yandex. Also, add the sitemap to all of these. Then submit your site to Google analytics.

Step 6:

keep posting relevant unique content to blog and as the SEO take little time your blog surely will come up someday and you will have thousands of viewers and then so you can earn by adding ads on your blog. Keep it up best of luck.

Step 7:

Some extra steps for listing early in Google search, are commenting on similar blogs as your blog is but having a higher rank than yours, creating PDF or writing Article and submitting it with your blog backlinks in it.

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September 24, 2018 10:05 pm

Nice artical Thanks for sharing!!

November 11, 2018 5:47 pm

hello sir how do you add such a forum comment here will you make this separate video

Khetra Dipti
Khetra Dipti
May 18, 2019 3:55 pm

Hello Ripon. Your video is oswam. You are good going yar. Dipti here. i am a new Beginner in blogging world. From last two months i am trying to create blog but as i am not able to do that. I made a research as you suggest & after made 15-20 pages of artical. Kindly help me to create a blog & start some writing something on my favorite topic & i love to write on different topics. So by this way i get knowledge to share by writing & also get some handsome money by this way. My mail… Read more »

September 28, 2019 1:39 pm

informative blog