Today we are going to tell you about some apps that can be of great help to you. The biggest feature of these apps is their off-line feature. That is, you can use these apps without internet. So, know about the names of these apps and the features they are about.

5 Apps Without internet Work Will Come in Difficult times

Google Maps

This app can work a lot on your places where you do not have any information about it. Google has also included off-line features in this app. That is, you can use this app without internet. For this, you have to download a map of the place where you are going. That is, if you are going to Ladakh, then you have to download a map of Ladakh beforehand. After this, if you do not have an internet connection even after reaching Ladakh, then you can find everywhere in your Google map on the map.

Read Where

If you have an interest in reading then this app can be of great use to you. In this app you can read newspapers, magazines, books and comics in many languages. Apart from this you can read off-line anytime after downloading it in this app.

Google Translate

This app can work great for you, especially where you do not know the language. Google has also included off-line features in this app. That is, you can use this app without internet. Through this app you can read the language of any place in the language of your choice. This app sports 27 languages of the world.

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This is a file transfer application. With this help, you can transfer data such as audio, video, photos, etc. into your phone in minutes to any smartphone. In addition, you can also receive these data in your phone. This app is known for its fast data transfer. One of its biggest features is its off-line work.

Drugs Dictionary Offline

This is a health app. This app can be great for you in times of trouble. This app tells you from medicines to their use. Apart from this, this app gives you every little bit of information about drug dosage, its side effects, defense to storage. This app can be used without internet.

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Amit Karmakar
Amit Karmakar
September 3, 2018 11:50 am

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