5 Top Ranking Tips to Rank on Google Snippets

Ranking tips of google snippets
Ranking tips of google snippets
Ranking tips of google snippets
Ranking tips of google snippets

Okay, So you want to rank on Features snippets am I right?

great! you come to the right place at the right time.

here I try to explain some of the key factors that help you to rank on google featured snippets.

You know to rank on featured snippets is not easy for those who don’t know exactly about SEO.

but it’s not impossible if you have a good amount of knowledge about SEO.

you know google always rank up the website which is most easy to understand & user-friendly.

so, to make this kind of website post you need to know about some advanced structure that uses by most the big bloggers.

okay! now you might think how I know these kinds of technique and stuffs right?

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Now come on point what are the key factor to rank on google snippets.

first of all, let look at google snippets to know what is exactly google snippets.

This post, I have just explained basic points and overview to rank.

to explore more click here how to rank on google snippets.

Let’s dive in.

Before start let’s take a look at amazing infographics that created by me.

This infographic tells everything practical work in graphical view so you can easily understand this.

Ranking tips of google snippts InfographicSource: Google Snippets

List of Top Ranking Tips to Rank on Google Snippets

  1. Use Exact keyword in the title.
  2. Use a keyword in URLs.
  3. Use a keyword in a subheading.
  4. Must include an image.
  5. Use Optimal Word count.


To rank on google snippets is hard but not rocket science and keep in mind above all the tips and try to implement it in your own blog.

Always try to believe in practical work when you learn something then quickly start to implement on your blog that’s really good practices.

By the way, Let me know what are your thought to rank on Google Featured Snippets.

I am waiting for your comments.


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amit tiwari
amit tiwari

nice post about ranking tips thank you for giving this information

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