6g mobile networks will provide 1tbps speeds and ai optimisation

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6g mobile networks will provide 1tbps speeds and ai optimisation | All the countries in the world are now preparing to launch the 5G service. Indian telecom companies are also preparing for 5G service. This service may start at the beginning of next year. At this time, if you are told that work is going on with 5G and 6G, and it can also be started in the next few years, then you will find it hard to believe.

Let us know that Asia, Europe and the UK are about to launch a new generation of mobile technology in 2019 and 2020. Through this new technology, you can enjoy the internet with ultrafast speed. A group of Finnish researchers are working on better technology than 5G. From this, new possibilities are seen in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things. This can also improve the technology of mobile broadband.

6G journey

Nokia’s Research and Development Center is currently working on 5G technology and will also start work on this centre 6G technology. Over 60 organizations with the University of Oulu are working on 5GTN (5G Test Network). This network works in some areas of the city except the University Campus. 5GTN can be called the world’s first 6G network. The Research Center is working on an 8-year long program named 6Genesis, which costs 251 million Euros. In the Electronics and Communication Department of the University of Oulu, the Academy of Finland has invested in this project. Apart from this Nokia is a participant in the form of a corporate participant.

What is 6G?

As soon as the name of the 6G network comes out we find one thing that it is 6G. In 6G you can access the internet with a speed of 1Tbps. Letters will be improvised with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This new technology can revolutionize the mobile broadband sector. 

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