Ads Coming to WhatsApp Status Section Soon


Ads Coming to WhatsApp Status Section Soon

  1. Ads Coming to WhatsApp Status Section Soon

Facebook is finally inching closer towards its goal of monetizing WhatsApp by seeding ads on the messenger app. WABetaInfo has revealed that Facebook is reportedly working on the mechanism to place ads on WhatsApp.

“And I want to add: WhatsApp is already working to implement ads in the iOS app”, WABetaInfo tweeted, referencing an earlier report which mentioned that Facebook always had plans to serve ads on WhatsApp, even before its 2014 acquisition.

It is not clear how or when ads will begin appearing on WhatsApp, but previous reports claim that the ads will be visible in the Status section of the messenger app. Read in detail about this controversial decision here.

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Deepam Kapur
Deepam Kapur

So, MArk Zuckerberg just made Whatsapp Monetized too.

gurpreet singh
gurpreet singh

Nice article bro Good info

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