An easiest way to apply passport sitting at your home

Apply for passport at home

New technique in 2018 to apply Passport from your home| Must try atleast once you will thank later



Vrma MeGha|Blogger, Enthusiast


In Today’s era, everyone craves to travel around the world. Some even works there for huge profits.


But for this one needs a passport.

To make travelling easy specially out of india, our government has taken a huge step. This step has benefited the public hugely.

And, that benefit is from an app which has been launched, widely known as ”Mpassport Seva.

This app is user friendly to us, try it atleast once you guys will appreciate this article.

Ps: You can thank me later😉

Glimpses of the app

From this app, you can easily apply for the passport sitting on you couch. Everything will be on your fingertips you need not to rush anywhere and stand in a huge stressful queue.

You can even get access to the passport centres nearby from this app; A great news indeed.

The link to this App for android and ios you can Get here

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Idrees Shareef
Idrees Shareef

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Aman Sany
Aman Sany

nyc post really enjoyed it reading. .