Blogger vs WordPress which is best for Blogging if you want to create a blog and still confused in which platform is best for you. So, don’t worry today I will give you a brief comparison between blogger vs WordPress. After reading this post you can easily decide which platform is best for you.

blogger vs wordpress


Blogger is a product of Google so first, we talked about the blogger. I will tell you what is the advantage and disadvantage of using blogger.

Advantages of blogger

  • It is free of cost no need to pay for hosting.
  • Easy to access, if you are new then you can easily use blogger.
  • 100% trusted because it is a product of Google.
  • Your site will never down because it hosted on Google server.
  • No need to work on the back-end.
  • You can use it with free (Blogspot) subdomain.

Disadvantages of blogger

  • There are some limitations for SEO.
  • There you will not get any plugin for your blog.
  • AdSense is not safe on blogger anyone can invalid clicks on your blog and you can’t protect.
  • You cannot customize your blog as a professional.
  • Blogger doesn’t give any updates to their users. That is why it has still an old version.


WordPress is a self-hosted site if you want to create your site on WordPress then you need hosting for this. Most of the professional bloggers use WordPress for their blog you can as create your blog as you want on WordPress.


  • Good for SEO there you can use Plugin for your SEO.
  • You can customize your blog like a professional.
  • There are available many kinds of safety plugin you can use plugins to safe your AdSense account.
  • WordPress gives update time to time and make their service good for their users.


  • First of all, it is not free you have to pay for domain and hosting.
  • If your hosting is not good then your site may be down.
  • For beginners, it is not easy to use.
  • If you a need a good theme for your WordPress then you have to also for pay for it.

What is my opinion for blogger vs WordPress

I have used both platforms for blogging when I start blogging then I choose blogger platform because it was free but there is some limitation which I have already told you that is why now I am using WordPress.

So according to my experience, I will advise you if you are a beginner and you don’t have money then choose blogger but with the custom domain, it is best for you if you don’t want to earn money then you can also choose Blogspot subdomain.

And you have money then go for WordPress because you can easily rank your WordPress site there are available many plugins which helps in SEO.


So these are some main difference between blogger and WordPress. Now you can choose any platform according to your need. For me, both are good if you work hard then you can succeed with any platform.

I saw some blogger sites are ranking 1st on Google you also can rank your site. I want to say you only this, platforms don’t matter focus on your content and do hard&smart work one day definitely you will succeed in this.

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Vishvajit Rao
Vishvajit Rao
January 12, 2019 1:03 pm

Hello Pankaj
You share best knowledge about blogger and WordPress.
This post is very helpful, who start blogging for Make Money Online but still confused which platform is best Blogger or WordPress.

January 12, 2019 7:25 pm

blogger is better ,

Tech Bro
Tech Bro
January 13, 2019 10:48 am

Nice Information Bro

January 14, 2019 11:11 pm

Nice article… but I think WordPress is better… hehehehe

Muhammad waseem
Muhammad waseem
January 26, 2019 8:21 am

I Favorite you

January 26, 2019 9:59 pm

totally confused which one better, inspired by you, I’m entering into blogging. I am new in blogging.
er por ki korbo bhujte par6ina.
how to grow??
amar whatsapp group o nei

June 24, 2019 10:03 pm

Blogger better