Hello everyone today I will be sharing my thoughts on content writing that will help you to write better content on the Internet and help others.

Latest generation of bloggers all facing the same problem “how to write seo friendly article.” before diving into blogging first of all you will need to find out your base in which field (Technology, Smartphone Reviews etc) you can give your best ask same question from yourself.

Now you have find your best definitely you can easily write content on topics for an example “food”. you will be happy but once you started writing you will feel are people will feel that this is copy why so because internet is so great there are tons and tons of content available on your fingertips so why someone will read your article?

so where are the steps which we need to follow while writing awesome content and making your future brighter.

How To how to write SEO friendly content.

1) Choose your topic.

2) Find your competitors articles.

3) Human Brain. 🔥

Choose Your Topic

Choosing topic is never an easy task but here is the thing, if you have been writing on a certain topic you must be having good amount of knowledge but you should make list of topics choose one of the topic where you can give 101% of you knowledge. Now you have topic let’s move on.

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Find Your Competitors Articles.

You must be having enough knowledge but you should find your competitors articles and read them so you will understand better that will help you creating better article.

SEO With Human Brain.

Here is the the word SEO article this is what you have been looking for in this article “you have topic and the analysis of your competitors articles it’s time to use our brain you have enough information about topic with the help of analysis create unique and better content then your competitors. You can follow normal seo tips wich you know already.

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October 20, 2018 10:15 pm

vai ma ek hapta pahala ek blogge open kiya hu ma apna blogge ko update karna chahata hu but mara pas jada paisa nahi ha kaisa suru kara pls help karna …..tumhara almost savi video dakhta hu a6a lagta ha ….