Create a Business Email with Zoho Mail ( For Free )

Gmail is a great Way of Sending and Receiving emails. Gmail is developed by Google and You can use your Gail Id at almost all Places but what about Other Things like It Doesn’t seem Professional. But that is not the case with Business Email as It Contains your Business Name or Your Domain Name and people can find about Your Business by Just Reading the Email sent to them by You. So, In This Post, I will Teach You how you can Create Business Email with Zoho for Free.

Features of Zoho Mail

  • Delivery is Fast
  • It is Highly Secure.
  • It is Completely Free
  • It is Highly Customizable
  • It is Portable
  • You can also access It From Mobiles

The Format of Business Email is very Different from Gmail as it contains as Domain but in Business Email, you have Your name followed by Your Domain. For Example [email protected]

Also, Business Emails can also be designed such as they represent the work done by the Email or the purpose for which the Email is Designed like if You want to provide information is provided through the Email then the Email can be like [email protected] or If you want to provide support to users with this Domain then the Email Can be Designed as [email protected] .

Business Emails can also Show How much a person is professional and Serious About his/her Business. And This is the only Reason that Business Emails have Gained so much popularity.

Various Hosting Companies Provide Business Emails and Domains Free with Their Premium Hosting, But it will cost You a lot.


There are somethings that You will Need Before Creating a Business Email

  1. Domain,
  2. PC / Laptop,
  3. Access to Your Domain’s DNS Management Page,
  4. One Gmail ID,
  5. Active Internet Connection, and
  6. Last But Not the Least “ This Post ”

Once You have all that then we are Ready to Go.

First Of all, You need to go to your Browser and open your Gmail then open your Gmail then open ZOHO MAIL in new TAB or you Can go to [THIS LINK] to get Redirected Directly There.

Business Email

Once You have Done this then go to Sign Up and Fill your mail ID and Desired  Password and Hit submit.

Then A Verification Mail will Be Sent To Your Gmail Id. Just Click that Link and Verify Your Mail. After that, a Page will Appear on which you Have to Enter your Phone Number and Password.

Business Email

Remember that The phone Number Should be Active and In Your Reach as an OTP will be sent to that Number. After that Enter, OTP and Click submit. Now You have Crossed Level 1.

After That, Click on Zoho Mail and You will See that there are Different Plans out of which you can Choose One.

Business Email

But in This Tutorial, We will stick to the Free Plan. After Selecting the Plan, Just Go To that and You will Find Two Options Here. You can Either Create a business Mail with extension or Select Your Own Domain with that.

Business Email

Here we will Attach our Own Domain with that so Choose to Connect your Domain and Enter Your Domain and Click Next.

Now You will Find A TXT Record on Your Screen and to Verify that you Own the Domain That you have Entered in the Previous step, You Need to enter that TXT Record to Your Domain.

This Procedure is the same for almost all the Domain Registrars or Hosting Providers. From Here You will need to select your hosting Provider or Domain Registrar From The List.

If Your Hosting Provider is Listed There then select it, But if It is not Listed there Then there is No Problem Just click Other and Click Next.

In My Case, I am Using Digital Ocean Hosting which is not listed in the List, so Just Select other and Move On To Your DNS Page.

Now, Click on TXT and Click Add Record. After that Put @ in Hostname and the Remaining Text In Value.

After Successful Addition of TXT Record, Click on Proceed to TXT Verification. Then It will Verify If You Have added the Record The Right Way.

After Successful Verification Of Domain, You Can Move on to The Next Step. Anew Page will appear on which You have to Enter the Name Which You want to Place Before Your mail like [email protected]

After Filling that You need to Click On Create Account. Then Your Next step is to add Users to Your Mail If You want. But For this Tutorial, we will Just skip This. After that Next Step is to Add Users to Your Mail But we will Just Skip It.

After that, You have to Configure your Mail Delivery System and This Can Be Easily Done by Adding Following MX Records in DNS Settings.

Host NameAddress / ValuePriority


Business Email

After Successful addition of these MX Records, Click Next.

Now, You Need to Configure SPF. To Do So Go to your DNS Page and add a TXT Records. Now Two values will be Provided to You From Zoho and You need to add these Values in Your TXT Record. Place @ in Hostname and The Remaining Text in Value Section and Click Create Record.

Business Email

After That Click On Proceed To Configure DKIM. Once You Click that You will be redirected to Another Page on which You will Find Your Domain Listed. Just Click On the Pencil Icon In Front Of Your Domain.

Business Email

After that Click Add Selector. You can Fill Any Name in This Field But in This Tutorial, We will Fill Zoho and Click save.

Once You are done with This, You need to add a TXT Record to Your Domain. Now This is a little bit Different From the Previous TXT Records.

You need to copy the text Given under Hostname and Paste that in the Hostname Section in Your TXT Record.

Again Copy the Whole Text Given Under the Value section and Paste it Under Value in Your TXT Record and Then Click Add Record.

Business Email

After that Click Verify, Then You will See an Error. But Don’t Worry as It takes time to Verify Ths Record and you Can Use the Services Of Zoho Meanwhile.

Business Email

Now Click on Back to Setup. After That Click Skip and again Click skip. Now Click Go to ZOHO Workplace.

There You will see a lot of options out of which You need to Select Mail and You will be Redirected to your Mail Workplace.

Business Email

Here You will Find a Sample Mail Sent By ZOHO. Now we will test if this Mail is Working Fine or Not. So Go to Gmail and Click Compose and fill The Mail That You Have Created With ZOHO in Recipient and Fill The Content You want and Then Click send.

I Know That It Will work Absolutely Fine as I am Also using It.

After That, You Can also Customize It according to you. To Do so, Just Go to My Account and Select The Username That You Have Created.

Select upload Image and Now You can Add your Image or Your Website Logo or Your Youtube Channel Logo in That Place and Select Privacy to Everyone/ Public.

You Can Also Change the Name and Gender in My Profile Option Given Above. You can also add Two Factor Authentication to Your Zoho Mail Login.

So This Was It For this Post. I Hope Now It is Clear for You To Create a Free Business Email. Also, If You Like This Post Don’t Forget to write in comment Section.

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Digital Bouncer
January 29, 2019 2:28 pm

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