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How to create a youtube channel Properly

Create Youtube Channel

Are you want create a YouTube channel? YouTube is a great way to look at the internet. If you succeed in it, you can earn money from it too! However, you will need dedication and hard work to do this.

How To Create a Youtube Channel

1. Go to YouTube and log in with your Google Account:

Once logged in, you will see your name or username at the top of the left-hand side. Now click on it to access your user page.

2. Upload an artwork for the channel:

This is the picture that is shown at the top of your channel page. YouTube will show you some examples of how that photo will be displayed on the TV, and on mobile device from the website, so use artwork that can attract your audience’s attention. Your cover image will show your channel different from YouTube’s interface. Include your name or a message in the artwork of your channel. Doing so will remind the viewer of your name.

Regularly change the artwork of your channel. If you want to set a brand image by placing the same picture, then you do not have to change the artwork. However, if you do not want to do this then you have to keep changing your artwork regularly based on the content posted on your channel. For example, if you are uploading a comedy video, then change the artwork of your channel so that it is according to the theme of the comedy.

3. Describe your channel:

Write a brief description for your channel so that the viewer will know what type of video you upload. To adjust the channel description, click the About tab in the main window of the channel. Then click on the “Channel description” button there. Use this description to include links to your other websites, or to update any news about your channel. Discuss who is present in your video and also mention other related channels.

Important things to remember before coming to YouTube

4. Give your channel a name:

See the description of your channel and consider what kind of video you want to upload. Consider these two things to determine the name.

For example: If your video is about knitting of beautiful hats, you can name your channel something like this: Proudly Knitted; The Infinite Knitter; Or Woolly Mountains

5. Explore popular videos on YouTube:

The first step to uploading the video is to decide what you want to share with the world. People use YouTube for a variety of things, such as watching videos of songs, watching comedy videos for laughing, learning something from tutorial video, etc. Think about what you can show to the audience who is not showing them any other person.

6. Determine what your talent is:

If your friends say that you are funny, consider making a comedy video. If you like to sing, sing one of your videos while singing. Keep uploading videos that keep appealing to your audience.

7. Consider Reviewing:

Review is a great way to gain audience. Especially if you are reviewing something that people are searching for. Before deciding to buy something, people always want to see a good review about a product or service. There are many topics to review, such as: mobile phones, speakers etc.

8. Record as much as possible:

Keep trying to make more content for your audience continuously. Doing so will not only interest the audience in your channel, but also help you develop your skills. Work on basic techniques for recording your videos. If you are talking to the camera, then make sure the camera is stable and you are speaking clearly. It may also be that you are making the most fun videos in the world, but if you are not seen or heard properly in the video. So no one will see your video.

9. Practice editing your video:

A well-edited video will leave a good impression on the audience compared to a bad video created in a hurry. Spend some time learning your video editing software. To learn basic editing techniques, see online tutorials. There are many free and open source video editing software available online. Many of these software have the same features as are in expensive business editing software.

10. Make your introduction compelling:

Most viewers will evaluate a video in the first few seconds. Try to make your introduction entertaining and informative. For the longest time the viewer will see your video, YouTube will give your video the same ranking in search results. Show a small part of the video viewer who is going to view. Make sure you are centered in the middle of the video from the beginning. Talk directly to viewers. Present the video yourself and briefly discuss the video. While making a real video, make sure that the purpose of the video is clear from the beginning, otherwise the viewer will search for any other video to view.

11. Focus on the Code of Practice:

The media promotes the events of almost every field throughout the year. These are called “tent-pole events”. Think about what types of events can attract your audience’s attention. Make a video for an upcoming event. As the expectancy will increase for that event, more and more people will search for the content related to that event. During the event, create a video about it. These videos will be useful for the viewers who can not experience that event.

After the event, create a video in which you summarize that event. Summarize all the activities of the event in this video and analyze all the available information. During this process, interact with your audience so that they remain interested in your channel. During the big event, to get a new audience Increase the amount of video you make. More videos will show the audience that you are knowledgeable and passionate about that event.

12. Tell a story:

Whether the video is fantasy or real, but you need to tell a story in every video. There should be a definite start, middle part, and end. A story should be in every video, whether it be a tutorial on flower care, or a comedy video. Divide a long video into smaller sections so that the section focuses on various aspects of an issue. By doing so, the subject will become more obvious for the audience.

13. Use annotations:

These are the boxes of text appearing in your video stream. Use them to direct viewers to other videos, channels, and external websites. You can use annotations to subscribe to your channel to viewers. An annotation to direct viewers from new videos to new videos. Use. An annotation can act as a “subject-list” for long videos, with the help of which you can give viewers a specific time in the video Can send on

14. Make some changes after a short time:

If you have earned a name on the play, dedicate a complete story to speak directly to the audience, in which you answer popular questions from comments and discuss the process of your creativity. The video behind such a scenes will allow you to build a strong relationship with your audience and to show them that they have a great effect on your work.

After making the channel on YouTube that method

create a youtube channel
create a youtube channel

1. Upload your video:

Log in to YouTube and click on the Videos tab in your user page. Then, click the “+ Upload a video” button to upload your video. Click “Select files to upload” to browse the video files, or drag the video into the window. YouTube will start the process of converting and uploading the video. If you want to control who can see your video and who does not, then click on the Privacy drop down menu and select Private. You can then type the name or email address of users of YouTube who you want to show that video. You can send 50 private invitations to each video. If you want to upload more than 15 minutes of video, you will need to verify your account with Google.

2. Think of some creative tags (tags) for the video:

Tagging your video will show the results of your video search to viewers who search for them. Make sure your tags are related to the video, and also make sure that you do not use tags that others in your category are also using. When thinking about tags, try to reveal them in less words. For example, instead of writing “singing” tags on your video, use a few more specific tags: such as “blues singing”, “country singing”, “freestyle rapping”, etc. Add tags to videos that people use to search for that video.

Your tag should describe the contents of the video well. Try to combine both generality and specificity in a single tag. If you are making a short comedy movie about ninja, then use some of the tag tags: “short film”, “ninjas”, “funny” “martial arts”, “action”, “fighting”, “silly “, Etc. You can use tags to create” parts “of the video. Create a unique tag and then apply it to every video you want to keep with. In this way more people will be able to see each of your videos.

YouTube channel maintenance method

1. Keep uploading video:

If you want to make your channel a success, you will need to keep uploading new videos. Try updating your channel at least once every two weeks. If you can not upload videos for a while, then inform your audience about it, and also tell them when you will upload the video again. Regularly uploading the video allows you to view your audience May increase. Think of it like a TV show; Everyone waits for new episodes of their favorite shows, and they know when that new episode will be shown. Try uploading videos every week or every other week.

2. Chat with the audience:

When you have the time, try to answer people’s comments. This will create a strong relationship between you and your audience. When the audience will feel that you care about them, they will keep coming back to your channel and watching your videos, and telling other people about your channel. After uploading a video, viewers Spend a few hours answering the comments of These viewers are your biggest fans, because they eagerly await new videos and also make comments on them.

Respect them and then see how your audience grows. Restrict as much comment as possible on your page. Although bad comments can be ridiculous, but your channel is tarnished with them and the audience is unhappy with them. Delete comments that insult others and report to abusive users. Doing this will help in creating a favorable atmosphere for your regular audience. Stand up for your audience. Try to keep the questions simple, such as the question of yes / no or “voting” questions. This will reduce negative feedback and have good discussions between your audience

3. Undo old video:

If you have old videos that new viewers may have not seen, keep it in your feed so that everyone can see it on your channel page. By doing so, more people will see your old video.

4. Keep watching other channels:

Stay as you can on YouTube for as long as possible, even if you are not uploading anything in your channel. Watch other people’s videos, chat with other users, and find suitable videos. Link another video of another user who is similar to your video. By doing so, your channel’s video will appear in the related video. Create a schedule to link to other videos. In the days when you are not uploading your own video, evaluate your liked video in those days. By doing so, you will be able to reduce the waiting time between uploading your video and the viewer will be active on your channel. By liking other videos, make sure that they are a video that will attract your audience in a great way. can do . By liking a video that nobody else has liked, you would not want to disappoint your audience.

Your channel promotion

1. Show the video of your audience:

Try to include audience commentary and creations in your video. Create a post of guidelines on the presentation. Such as the need to subscribe to your channel.

2. Work closely with other users:

Create relationships with other people who upload videos of the same class as you. Promote each other’s channels to boost viewership. Appear in another person’s video, and invite other people to appear in your video. Make sure your viewers can easily go to the channels with whom you are working together. Your audience should be engrossed in the video created by your community.

3. Use social media to promote your own:

Link videos and playlists to your channels in Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social media. Ask your friends to share their video links with others, whether it is online or offline. Avoid spamming your social media network by posting links to your channel. Because a small reminder is okay, but posting links to your channel will almost never give a positive response to your channel.

4. Ask your audience to spread your channel:

Do not ask them to do so often, but ask them if they liked your video, they would share it. These messages should be presented at the end of the video, when people see the main part of the video. Remind about audience “liking” your video.

Necessary advice about the channel

When creating a youtube channel, be careful about what you are choosing. You will not be able to change it at any time. Choose a name that is related to your video. She is unique and can be remembered by the audience, and she is different from other YouTube users. Check that the name you want to keep is available or not! Understand the kind of videos you want to upload to your channel. If you are uploading a video about which you do not have the appropriate information, people may find your channel a little weird. For example, Lifesimmer mostly plays video games of Sims, while Pewdiepie plays diverse video games.

Channel warnings

You will probably get some negative comments. But do not pay attention to them, and keep doing their job. However, do not dismiss constructive criticism as negative – if someone turns to a part of your video, then use it to improve the next video. Make sure your video adheres to the YouTube terms. If a video violates YouTube’s terms, then your video will be deleted and your account may also be banned. Make sure that whatever you upload, you comply with YouTube’s rules.

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Nice article.. Great content
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