Hello friends! Today I’m going to tell you how to get approved of Google Adsense Account of your Blog Website quickly. Guys To Get The Fast Approval To Google Adsense Account I’ll Tell You Just 5 Tricks If you follow this 5 tricks, then I guarantee 100% that your Adsense Account will be Approved, then friends will know what they are 5 tricks

Google Adsense Approval Only 5 Tricks

1. First of all, if you have created your own Blog Website, then you can buy a good Domain Name from anywhere for your blog website like –Com, .in, .Net, .Org etc. Because friends first BlogspotGoogle Adsense Approval was found on .com But friends do not get Google Adsense Approval on now. Friends, if you buy a good domain name and buy it in your blog website, then your blog website increases the likelihood of getting Google Adsense Approval because Domain Name Use seems to make your blog website professional.

2. Friends, you have to use a template in your Blogger which is User Friendly and which is a Simple Template in which people can easily visit. Friends, like the template I have put in my Blogger. Friends, this Template is named Minima-Colored-3-Mag-Style. Friends These Template is also User Friendly and there are also Simple Template in appearance. People will be able to visit this template easily.

3. Friends should have Verify in your Blog Website’s Domain Name Webmaster tool (Google search Console). After that guys, write 15 posts on your blog website. Friends do not necessarily have your posts 700 Words. Write your friends in 400 or 500 words, but by composing those posts thoroughly and writing down Step by Step. Who are good to look at and understand visitors. When visitors come to your blog website, then do not let your posts run like this.

4. Friends, as soon as you publish 15 posts on your blog website. After that, you apply for Google Adsense. But friends should note that the settings of your blog website are complete and there are no errors anywhere in your website. You must have 1000 views before applying for Google Adsense on your blog website. Friends, if you look like a professional website, then you must apply for Google Adsense.

5. Friends are not you posted 15 posts and applied for Google Adsense and after 15 posts you do not write posts. After you apply for Google Adsense, you can continue publishing on your blog website by writing posts. Only then will you get Google Adsense Approval.

Google Adsense takes 3 days to check your account But friends take 15 to 20 days in some Cases. So friends, I hope you all understand that you can quickly verify your Google Adsense Account.

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