How to create a successful blog – if you are one of those guys who created a blog by seeing others, earning. If yes, then I’m sure you are not a successful blogger because there are the various reason to create a successful blog.

Here is the Official Beginner Guide to Create a Successful Blog in 2019, Read carefully I give the dos and don’ts of every New blogger.

At First, Find a blog Niche

It is the first step to create a blog if you don’t have any specific niche then what you do after creating a blog? So first clear your blog niche.

After that do some research on it like what is the competition in this niche, what is search volume, CPC etc if you do that then it is very beneficial for your blog.

Do Keyword Research

When you complete the research of blog niche after that do some keyword research before creating a blog. Search some keywords which have low competition write articles on these keywords.

It will help you after creating a blog you can easily publish these article so write at least 5 articles before creating a blog.

Choose The Right Platform

After writing article choose right blog platform if you can spend the money on hosting then go for WordPress because it is easy to use and you can do easily on page SEO with the help of Yoast plugin there are also many plugins which will help you to rank your site.

If you don’t have money to spend on this then create your blog on which is the product of Google and totally free but I will suggest you buy a domain for your blog.

Buy a TopLevel Domain

Always buy top-level domain don’t go for cheap if you are going for long-term blogging. When you buy domain then try to buy a short domain name which has keywords and also you can use for branding. Do not buy a long tail domain because it is not good for branding.

Do Important Settings

When your blog is ready then do all important setting submit your blog in search console submit sitemap of your blog. Customize your blog’s themes create pages for your blog do robot.txt setting for your blog.

Promote your Blog

To get traffic on your blog start promoting your blog on social media do the guest post on another’s blog when you do this your blog get referral traffic from others site and people will also know about your blog and they visit on your blog.

Create Aim For Your Blog

Yes, it will definitely help you to grow your blog create an aim for your blog what you want from your blog, I also do this I create aims for my blog like in this month I want that much traffic on my blog, I will succeed this blog in this or that month, so create a small aims which helps you to grow your blog fast.

Maintain Time For Your Blog(The Main Seo)

After creating a blog daily give time to your blog write articles daily Create links for your site write articles on trending topics also write articles on which topic which is helpful for your audience.


In the end, I will only tell you that it takes the time you cannot earn money from your blog in only one day give time your blog at least 6 months. Always learn something new don’t forget the SEO always do proper keyword research when you write an article. I hope you like all this article and it will helpful for you.

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Naimish Vaghela
Naimish Vaghela

Good knowledge bro.

Sandeep Kashyap
Sandeep Kashyap

Very nice article bro keep it up the good work….

Arshdeep Singh
Arshdeep Singh

nice and motivational blog


Nice tips


(हिंदी /hindi) hindi main kis trah se blog likha jaye jis se AdSense account activate ho jaye……
suna hai hindi me likhne AdSense nhi lagta….

abhi koi web site nhi hai meri par abhi soch rha blog ke liye

abhi maine sirf domain liya hai


Hello Dear Sir, this blog post is very useful information for the new bloggers, your blog post went to get a lot of new education after I read it,
Please continue to post such an informative blog. Therefore, people like us will be motivated in real life.
I’m new in this area and I’m building my website, I’m working hard on this
Your blogs are very useful here and especially with this blog, which provides this point information, I have received lots of help to read this blog post, please continue to share this kind of information.
Thank you.

Pankaj kumawat
Pankaj kumawat

Bhai mere website hindi me hai or india ki hai par me jo article lekhta hu uski target country us hai to kya mera article us me rank ho sakta hai or meri website us ke search injan me aa sakti hai please send me repilai….. Thanks