Hy Guys! Very recent I have published an article How to set up your First WordPress blog? It was actually a pointy introduction to WordPress & worthiness of it. There I put you some reason why you move to WordPress. But for today I think the subject is a bit crucial.

Recently What I found is a few people are still on Blogger. Well, Blogger is a very strong platform since its constructed on Google’s Server. It has the tremendous capacity of data transmission, bandwidth & 100% uptime guarantee in any global position (except China). Of course, there is no Hosting company can even provide these huge resources. Thus it’s so questionable why experts still recommend WordPress over Blogger?

Migrate Blogger to WordPress

Well, I already described you the answer to the recent article why WordPress is so recommended or in short, the answer is being Professional which lets you grab through WordPress only. Blogger is still lacking for some cool features whereas WordPress is so far occupied 30% overall websites of the Internet (WordPress Claims it). WordPress has the calibre to originate any type of Website like Portfolio, Blog, Newsblog, Magazine etc.

Anyway This is not I am writing WordPress vs Blogger. I just compared both platforms according to their requirements. So the subject of this article is how could you continue your Blogger’s blog to WordPress? Is that anyhow possible? – The epic answer is ‘YES’. You can move your Blog or migrate it from Blogger to WordPress with entire content including comments, posts, images, videos etc.

Or if you are finding to migrate your WordPress blog to another Hosting account. Check out the below tutorial video by Ripon bro.

So this is it the introduction and the rest of this article I will demystify the procedure of this whole thing that how you could migrate blogger’s blog to WordPress.

1. Backup Content

So the very first you have to backup Blogger’s data which you want to import. To make it go to Bloggers.com -> Log into your Account -> Go to Settings -> Other -> Click on Backup Content.
Migrate Blogger to WordPress
There a popup message will appear to ensure you get the XML backup file downloaded on your computer. Click on it and save the backup file on your desktop.

2. Import & Modify

Now go ahead & purchase a hosting & install WordPress into it. WordPress installation is super easy & I think everybody can make it in just a snap.
Now Log into your website and go to settings -> import
There you will find a list of multiple platforms from where WordPress can manage to import data. Blogger is at the top, you go ahead & click ‘install now’ & run the importer. Thereafter you will be redirected to another page where you to choose the backed up data and upload it. Then choose the Author name & It might take several seconds to show the successful message of the restoration progress.

Migrate Blogger to WordPress

There you have completed importing your blogger data successfully. You can check out all the posts are visible in the Posts section & comments will effect in the comment section.

There you might have multiple pages on Blogger but you cannot back up your pages officially to migrate. All you need do is copy-pasting your page content in your WordPress pages.

3. Maintain Ranking

How can you not affect your Ranking on Google even after the migration? This is a remarkable question may often poke in your mind. Thus you need to deeply examine Google’s SEO factor.

The Primary factor is Google follows the URL to recognize and rank contents based on DA-PA. If you have created backlinks for your blogger’s content or you have good Page Ranking then you most probably lose it after the migration. The main reason for it is the URL structure which is different for Blogger and WordPress (By Default). Thus a sudden change will directly affect your rankings because Google crawler will return back from your website with a genuine error (URL doesn’t exist anymore).

We never want to let it happen. There we need to reconfigure the Permalinks structure to validate the URL with the previous one (Bloggers). Log into your website -> Settings -> Permalinks -> Choose Custom Structure. Copy the below code and paste it in that field.


Migrate Blogger to WordPress

Basically, this code will retrieve the URL of every post into the previous one (as it was on Blogger). In simple, the URL will retain same & still accessible with its former link. Thus you didn’t affect on SEO & your ranking is still sustainable.

4. Domain Transfer & Redirect

This is an important but simple part. So far you have restored the Blogger data & your website is now live & running on WordPress. But if you have added a custom domain in Blogger then you suppose to move it in WordPress. Transferring domain is so simple. First of all, remove the domain from Blogger. Go to domain panel (from where you have purchased it) & change the Nameserver according to the Hosting Provider & add it to your website. This will take some time (24hrs) to complete the progress & afterwards your WordPress is ready to visit with the new domain.

There might be one more condition that you did not add any custom domain & the blog is running with the default Blogger domain. At this stage, you can deal nothing with the Blogger domain, unlike redirect. This is how can preserve your traffic to redirect the Blogger to the WordPress domain.

To redirect your Blogger domain you need to install a plugin called “Blogger to WordPress Redirection”.

Blogger to WordPress Migration

After installing & activating it go to Settings -> Blogger to WordPress Redirection. Here this plugin will automatically detect your Blogger’s blog & will give you a code. Now go ahead to Blogger.com -> Theme -> Edit HTML & paste the code here. Now you are done!

5. Google+ Caution

Google has detected a serious bug with the Google+ social platform. Since people are not so concerned about this social media site but the vulnerability might steal away the millions of sensitive user data. There are thousands of applications are using Google+ API. Instead of resisting the data leak, Google decided to shut it off completely by March-April & meanwhile no more Google+ account can be created.

Google+ is so connected with the other Google’s products like Youtube, Gmail, Blogger, Hangouts etc. Google may introduce other feature to replace it as the Google+ name reflects to the every Google’s product. Thus this is yet to see how does the name appear to other product & change Youtube Channel name. Although Google is concerned about this particular thing & they may introduce something new alternative of Google+.

Still Confusion regarding the whole topic? – check the video from Wpbeginner

The Verdict

So this was a very short article that how you may able to continue your Blogger’s blog on WordPress. I hope this would help you & give you a brief primary idea. I think this would be the best time to move your Blogger website to WordPress but for beginners, Blogger is the best platform to explore & sharp the knowledge.

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Sunnan Hassan
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