How Helpful in Keyword Research


Quora is the best platform for keyword research. Here people’s post his queries and problems. First, you understand why peoples come on our blog because they want some solution related to his problem. Lots of contents published internet so why peoples come on your site if so many reputed websites are there for him. So you write for visitors not for yourself in every blog you can try to solve someone’s problem.

How Helpful in Keyword Research
How Helpful in Keyword Research

How to find the topic for our blog

Many bloggers using too many tools to find the topic and start research on it through seo tools. They always try to write articles on that topic which is already published on many websites but they always forget He writes article for visitors to solve their problems not just for formality. If you are a blogger. then you would have face too many problems in the beginning. so why not share your experience with your visitors. Maybe its helpful for him if they impress with your blogs maybe be they always connect with you. that is the best way to get traffic on your blog.
You can understand with this example- if you are hungry then you get food if you are not then why you spend your money on food. So try to solve peoples queries through your blog that is a better way to get rank higher on SERP.

Why Quora is the best place to find topics.

In my opinion, Quora is the best platform to search people’s queries. Here peoples always ask me lots of questions related to his problems. I will try to solve problems and get all the traffic to my blog. That traffic is 100% B2B related traffic. that is good for you because they don’t bounce suddenly from your blog without reading your article. They also increase your blog on page time and if you are a blogger you know the value of the time they spend on your blog. If your time on page increases then automatically your bounce rate decrease and your blog started ranking on SERP.

First, you know How quora work

First of all, you need to sign up on Quora. This is a free platform. You can easily signup through your Gmail account or facebook account. After signup chooses your topics which in you really interested and you are expert on it. For example, I am interested in freelancing, SEO, content marketing, technology so I choose that categories. You can also choose according to your interest.
Here peoples ask questions from me about SEO topics marketing and online making money And how I use their questions as a keyword.quora questions

How I turn quora questions into keywords

One day I am just answering someone question and I put their questions on the google trends. the result was shocking for me. see in the image.quora questions

The search volume of that keyword is so high then I realize if I try to solve people’s problem and engage with keyword plannerThen they trust me and they also follow my recommendations. so just think about how much impact your business. you can sell them easily your SEO related ebooks.

someone asks about how to get organic traffic and when I am answering his question I saw the right side related question and I start putting on google keyword planner, semrush and google trends. the search volume is so high and there is low competition.keywords

keywordsso I recommend you put questions keywords in SEO tools and analyze that’s keyword is it useful for you or not if that’s useful for you then go for it otherwise leave it.


quora are the best place for anyone who is doing blogging. here you can easily find keywords or topics for a blog. I am also researching topics from here and find too many keywords that are more valuable as compare to others keywords tools. in the end, I tell you if you want to find real topics for contents Quora is the best place.

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