How to write SEO Optimize article Full Guide

How to write SEO Optimize article Full Guide

SEO Optimize article Full Guide: In this article, we learn in detail about the fully SEO optimized article. Let’s Start; SEO Optimize article Full Guide


What is the Meta Title Tag?

This appears on the top of your browser so that you have to
select the perfect TITLE according to your website contents.
The recommended length of Meta Title Tag is about 40-60 words. Then your title becomes SEO optimized Title and this makes the SEO optimized article.

This Title Tags define your post topic and this is the first thing that
user see in the search result. So it must be eye-catching and appropriate.
A good Title Tag with the right keywords on your blog post can increase
the relevance of your content in different search queries and make
your website rank high.

What is the Meta Description Tag?

Good Meta Description Tag means your most important keywords
will be used in it. The recommended length of the Meta Description Tag is about 70-160 Words.

These tags define the whole summery of your webpage for the users.
It appears just below the Meta Title Tag. Search engines do not use these tags directly for the ranking purpose.

A good Meta Description Tag must not too long because search engines have a certain limit of words to show to the viewers. So, use perfect and clear
Meta Description Tag for your viewers.

What are Keywords?

It’s a Word or phrase that helps the people to find their result while searching.
These Words or phrase are called Keywords.
These are very useful to rank your site in any search engine.

Any search engine crawl all the website related to the user’s keywords and
give them the relevance contents.
Always use more relevance Keywords because it leads your website rank higher.

What is the indexed page?

The “webpage or post” that is properly submitted to search console
this submission is called an indexed page.

NOTE: the trick to submit your “webpage or post” fastly in search console is –
1. Log in to the Google Search Console.
2. Click On Crawl option.
3. Select Fetch as Google.
2. Paste Your Post Url without Your Site name as Show in Figure.
4. Click on the Fetch Option.
5. Now Click on request indexing.
6. Solve the captcha and Select “Crawl only this URL”
7. Click on Ok button. Now Your Post is submitted on Google.

Now check whether Your “webpage or post” is submitted or not –
Write site: in starting of your URL
for example — site:
It takes 5 to 10 min to submit your URL to google search console.
If everything is fine when you see this type of result.

Indexing of your page and pos is very important for SEO purpose either you have
5 pages or 500 pages each page must be indexed by search console.
This will help well to find the related keywords that the users search for.
With more pages indexed on search console are more valuable and
also, perceived to be a stronger authority on that topic by search engines.

Your’s website subject authority is one of the most important metrics used
by the search engines to decides your page ranking.

What is Sitemap?

This is the mapping of your site. It provides a list of your webpage URL that
are available for the index on the search console.

The sitemap contains all the structure and the whole component of your website.

What is a robot.txt file?

It is a type of file where all the list of the webpage is present.
It also keeps the website from unwanted crawling having a robot.txt file that restricts access to the specific page. This file tells the search engines which webpage should not be indexed. It is also one of the ways to
ensure your website’s sensitive contains don’t appear in the search result.
Another use of the robot.txt file is that it saves your server bandwidth.

What is an Internal link or in page link?

Linking of one webpage to the other webpage in the same website is called
Internal link or in-page link.
This link helps the visitor to navigate from one page to another and vice versa.

NOTE: Don’t use too many links either it is internal or external if you do this
then it is bad for SEO purpose and makes your webpage rank low.
What is an External link?
Linking your webpage to other website is called External link.
This will help the visitor to navigate to the important site which are
defined by the webpage.
What is a do-follow link?
All the link that you placed on your website are a do-follow link

What is a no-follow link?

This is also a link in your webpage but this will allow search console to don’t
follow unwanted, useless link.
If you want to make a no-follow link in your webpage then add a tag
rel=”no follow”
the link will be look like – <a href=”URL” rel=”no follow”>Link </a>

What is the anchor tag?

This is a hyperlink which indicates your targeted keywords.
What is the alt tag?
It is the alternative text that allows the search crawler to see the images.

What is heading and how many types of heading?

This is the main title of your webpage and creates the basic structure of it.
There is sis type of heading starting from H1 to H6 :

H1: <h1> – This h1 heading is considered the most important part of the webpage
It is basically used as the title of a webpage or blog.
H2: <h2> – It is the subheading of your webpage, this also plays an important
the part in SEO.
H3: <h3> – You can use this in link building either it is internal or external.
H4: <h4> – It is used to do a detail description of your article or to make bullet points.
H5: <h5> – You can use this for the checklist.
H6: <h6> – This can be used to make a letter, notes, request at the end of your content.

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Conclusion :

In this article, we learn about the basic of How we can write an SEO optimized article. If You have any problem regarding this article then please Comment below.

If You have any problem regarding SEO optimized article then please comment below so that we can help You.

Thank you

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