Lightining Launcher! The Fastest Launcher Developed Untill Now!

The lightning fast launcher, packed with unbeatable customizability Ever.

Lightining Launcher! The Fastest Launcher Developed Untill Now!

As we use many launchers on our Android Phone, we always think about snappier perfromance, As everyone tells that Nova Launcher is the fastest, there is another launcher called Lightining Launcher or you can also call it as LL launcher which has awesome settings.

This Launcher has so many customizations andyou can also extend it with LUA Scripts.


It has a very good UI and many transition effects inbuilt. It takes many days to find out what settings are hiding in the Lightining Launcher. This Launcher is beast very snappier. It works very fast even in a device with 256mb of RAM.

It is available on playstore but for Rs.320, So I am giving you a link to the app, where you can download this fastest launcher


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