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Unwanted calls and messages will not come in your phone Microsoft is developing new technology.

Microsoft is developing new technology

New Delhi (Tech Desk) In today’s busy routine, we often get annoyed with unwanted calls and messages. The Indian Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI) has already issued guidelines for telecom companies to curb these unwanted calls and messages.

Tech News By Microsoft

Now the world’s leading technology company Microsoft and India’s tech company Tech Mahindra will develop a new blockchain based technology that will rein in these unwanted calls and messages. These two technology companies will develop this blockchain based technology in line with the instructions suggested by TRAI.

Technology will evolve according to TRAI’s recommendations

According to a joint statement of these two companies, a strong system based on the recommendations of Tech Mahindra and Microsoft will be developed based on TRAI’s recommendations, which will help in handling disturbing calls and SMS. This technology, based on the blockchain, will be developed under Microsoft Azure. You can tell that according to the TRAI rules, telecom companies have to implement blockchain technology to deal with such unwanted calls and SMS.

What is block-block technology?

At this time Block Block technology is slowly gaining momentum in the world. This technique is used by diamond merchants to do business. It is believed that this technique is safe for transactions. This technique is also used in bitcoin like cryptocrycnation or virtual currency transactions. Smartphone makers are also in the process of using blockchain technology to make mobile technology more secure. Now this technology is also being used for communication.

Blockchain techniques will work like this Microsft’s new technology

In this blockchain technique, the information is entered in the block ie the box (box). Each groove has its own unique secret code called a hash. These grooves form together a chain, each hole has a hash of the previous grooves in it. After this, to add a new block, Verification is done with about 50 percent of the computer connected to the system and once the data entered becomes safe forever. Because the change of data changes the hash of the grooves and all subsequent grooves get spoiled. That is why this technique becomes like a Hawaldar fort for a hacker.

Talking techniques and new rules related to the rules

Tech News By Microsoft

  • The blockchain is also called Digital Leader, which filters unwanted fake calls.
  • India is the first country in the world to use this modern technology for communication.
  • With this technique, if the spammer uses a 10 digit phone number then it can easily be tracked using data matching.
  • According to the new rules, Infrorder has the freedom to share and outsource.
  • Due to this, the additional expenses incurred by it for telecom companies are greatly reduced.
  • The biggest advantage of blockchain technology is that it automatically filters calls.
  • This technology will also benefit in the financial sector. These new rules will benefit all stakeholders.

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