Pewdiepie vs T-Series – The Biggest #Youtube Battle.

Pewdiepie Vs Tseries - Who will win?

Yo Folks what is up! My name Shyam Mahanta. Since I have last posted on Techripon about 2-3 weeks ago & I am back with another one. Actually, this is my 2nd Post here. You can check out the very first article by an Author on Techripon 5 Things That You Never Expect On Xiaomi Poco F1

So Here I am going to some off topic today like not related to any tutorial or blogging information rather it’s about the battle between two youtube king which are Pewdiepie and T-Series.

Before I go into the further discussion I will say if you know about the battle or listen to it or anyhow you are a Pew-Die-Pie fan then please don’t read out my article anymore (lol) because I will hell out this Piwdie guy here so it’s better not have some bullshit comments.


What or Who is Pewdiepie?

Well if you probably don’t know about Pewdiepie then I to inform you that Pewdiepie is the biggest Youtube Channel over the world having 66 Millions of Subscribers (Currently) since 2013 or last five years. It’s not an organisation or any corporation unlike it’s an individual Youtube channel, maintained or operated by Pewdiepie himself. Pewdiepie actually is the name of that guy who is from Sweden. This Swedish buddy posts some kinda gameplay videos with his reaction, blogs, memes and lot funnier stuff & more stunningly he has over 66 Million+ Youtube family members. When I see I was like “Whats?? Whats?? Oh My God!!  How did this Chut*ya get such amount of subs?? Even not that much quality content”

Well, I am sorry for such words. Now to break down about T-series. We probably Indians already know about t-series through, somehow any non-Indian maybe still stick with my article and I wanna have to present T-Series to him/her/transgender or maybe else. Well, I am sorry again I just wanna make it in some crazy way as Pewdiepie is making crazy or H3 Podcasts are making fun of Indians so I too wanna smash it. I even don’t know if Ripon allows my Article to live for such abusive words or not. If not then I would post this on facebook or on my blog.

By the way, visit my blog Well, don’t think I am just getting backlinks from here rather I have put my URL as no follow link.

Who is T-Series?p>Actually, the question should be who are t-series? Because t-series is not maintained by a Single person as its a whole corporation or you can say group who used to make Bollywood songs videos from 2006 (on Youtube). This was established by Gulshan Kumar many years ago I even don’t know the exact numbers. Anyway, Hope you have got an idea about t-series who are they & what they do? If you still confused with it then go and search on Google to get to get 357 crore results in just 0.70 sec (lol).

pewdiepie vs t-series



Fact of Battle

o the least topic is about the fact of battle. Actually, t-series is neither taking this as war or battle as I have just watched a video a dude make this as infinity war. You can check out Avengers as Pewdiepie and Thanos as T-Series.

Battle fact is Pewdiepie has 66 Million subscribers and T-Serice is so near with 61 Million of Subscriber to overtake it (Current Report). Here is the fact if t-series overtake Pewdiepie then it will be the king of Youtube & also a proud moment for all Indians to have World’s no 1 Youtube channel which will be from India.

Since I have last checked T-Series earlier of this year & it was about 18-22 Million maybe but in just very short time how did they reach up to 61 Million? This thing surprised me a lot & also feel me awesome too.

According to the report of socialblade Pewdiepie is just getting 20,000 Subs per day whereas T-Series is making 150k Subscriber per day & if it continues the speed then it will just take 2-3 weeks to overcome Pewdiepie to make a big record.

So the thought of the day is we Indians have lots of power to overtake many international challenges as before We heck down the Snapchat rating for the accuse by Snapchat owner as recently we just overtake the US by percentage of internet user by a country & currently India is at 2nd position, very next to China & US is at 3rd position.


The Verdict

o conclusion for this post as I wrote down one shit with 800+ words. This is just information about the youtube news. You can check on youtube there are so many channels are hating India like Pewdiepie fans are taking on India giving some shits even from H3 Podcast too. So I am not even taking care of that rather we will just give them a heck back with t-series by beating Pewdiepie very soon.

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