PUBG Flare Gun Beta event

Flare Gun Event

Hello guys,

Today pubg mobile had announced something differnt event.They have launched the PUBG Beta:Flare Gun event for the feedback on flare gun and also to test does flare gun fits the PUBG environment.As this is the beta test so, this event will run for 10 days.
This event will start on September 21 and ends on October 1.
The goal is to test the flare gun Super Drop will other PUBG loot and also with the drop.


1)Four player squad will fight on erangel map.

2)Flare guns will drop randomly on the map.

3)A plane will drop a special crate if fired inside the safezone.

4)If flare gun is fired outside the safezone it will drop the special vehicles such as Armored Uaz.

5)On the map an icon will show all the players where the crate is dropped.

Thx for reading this article.

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Sananth Kumar
Sananth Kumar

Awesome article bro.