Trick to read WhatsApp messages with One tick | WhatsApp has added many new features for the convenience of users in the past few years. When the Whatsapp was launched, the users did not know that they did not reach the message sent to a user. Because of this, users had to face problems. Whatsapp has added to the double tick and blue-tick features apps to overcome this problem.

Many users have had to face the risk of privacy if this feature has benefited many users. If you send a message to a user on Whatsapp, you have a double tick as soon as you have a message. Similarly, if the person whom you sent the message sees or reads your message then the blue tick is visible.

Many times we are in this situation that we do not want the person in the front to know that we have read his message or you want your personal space, then you have to switch off the Reed Receipt in Settings for Whatsapp. By doing so, you will not even know if someone has read your message or not. Therefore, we are going to tell you some steps today in which the front will not see the blue tick without turning off the read receipts.

You can hide the blue tick in these smart ways:

  • As soon as you have a message in your phone, you can go to the notifications panel of your smartphone and turn on flight mode.
  • After that go to your Whatsapp and read all the messages.
  • Now you also close your Whatsapp with background and front.
  • Go back to the Notification panel and turn on Flight mode.
  • By doing so, the sender will not see the blue tick and you will also read the message.

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September 5, 2018 10:24 pm

bhai ham post kaise likhein