Add Link to Copied Text from Your Website – ReadMore or Copyright Note


Are You Looking for How To Add a Read More Link to Copied Text in WordPress or You want to simply add Link to Copied Text from your Website. Great!! Its Pastelink Script. 
Instead, You can add a copyright note… that this is Your Content etc etc etc.

So, What Happens Actually is, Now a Days,

Blogging is Being a huge hoax, and Everyone is Trying to get into the blogging world and Wants to Earn Huge money Out of it.

But, As We all know, Blogging Do makes Huge Money, But This is not Huge money for Copy Paste Stuff, It generate Huge Money for Huge Efforts,

That’s Just an Example,

So, Many Newbies to This Field, Try to copy You Content. They Copy text and all data from website which no blogger with like. Also, There can be other case, When You have a blog related to Quotes or Something they People Copy and Share on their Social Media.

In that Case Also, You Need this Pastelink Script. It will Automatically Add Link to Copied Text from Your Website – Which is also called Pastelink Script.

So, I want to make sure it Helps you all, If You Use WordPress, I have a Plugin for You, If you Wants to do it without a plugin. There is also a solution.

Method 1: Add Link to Copied Text from Your Website Using WordPress Plugin


Add Link to Copied Text
Add Link to Copied Text
  • Add Link to Copied Text Screenshot

This WordPress Plugin will Help You to automatically add link to any copied text from your website.

There is an alternative option in this Plugin that you glad to have.

You can Alternatively stop the visitor from copying your content or replace copied text with your custom text using this plugin.

Isn’t It Great… Hope That Helps…

Let Me Know in Comments, if You Face an Problem, 

I Keep my Eyes Open to My Visitors. :-

Method 2: Add Link to Copied Text from Your Website Manually Using Script

Here is a Little Difficult But

Simple Way to Do it.

Well, If Its WordPress or a PHP Website… and

If You want to add such automatic link…. Whenever someone Copies Text from your Website. You Need to Add this Code in Function.php File of your Theme or Child Theme ( Child Theme is Always Recommended)

This is a Image of Actual Code from my Github Gists.... Real Code is Below it...
This is a Image of Actual Code from my Github Gists…. Real Code is Below it…

Here is The Code You Looking For ( Add it in Functions.php file in Your Theme (Child or Parent)( If Not Worked, Please comment)

The Above Code my only Work in WordPress or PHP Website, So, Try Next SubMethod…

Additionally, Method 2.B : Add Link to Copied Text in Blogger or Other Website

The Script Below will Help you to add this option in Blogger or Other Web Platform.

Just Add this Script in <Head> </Head> tag…( If Not Worked, Please comment)

Thank you,

Did it Worked For You??? , Was it Fantastic???

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