How to repair corrupted Pen Drive or SD card in simple steps

repair corrupted Pen Drive or SD card

How to repair corrupted Pen Drive or SD card

How to repair corrupted Pen Drive or SD card

Assalamu Alaikum How are you all?
How to repair corrupted Pen Drive or SD card-Today I will share new tricks with you all. It’s all about your Pen Drive avoid getting nested and you don’t need to buy a new pen drive. It just purchases your cost savings.



  1. Sometimes suddenly the Pen Drive reduced the speed. That is, your 8 GB’s Pen drive became 2 GB or 4 GB.
  2. Pen drive does not take the format. Many times tried, many software used but that Pen Drive is not taking the format.
  3. Pen Drive bootable for any reason after doing and after finishing work cannot bring it to the previous state. Failed to return it to the original format.
  4. Suddenly Pen drive is going to “NTFS” format, now failed to return it to “fat32”.


Pen Drive must be connected with your PC.
Step 1: Click the Start menu of the PC. Enter the cmd into the search box and press, a command line will come.
Step 2: Type “diskpart” in the command line and press Enter. Now a new window will come and press Yes to it. There will be a new command line.
Step 3: Type “list disk” in the new command box and press. It shows 2 disks, one of your PC’s Hard drive and another is your Pen drive. When you see the size you can understand. Your Pen Drive probably on disk 1.
Step 4: Type “Select Disk 1” and press Enter. Then the pen drive will be selected. Never select your Hard Drive.
Step 5: Type “clean” and press Enter. Then, write “create partition primary” and press Enter.
Step 6: Type “format fs = fat32 quick” press Enter. Wait a little bit, let’s format i. If it has completed format type “Exit” and go out.

Diameter, your job is finished. I hope If you will face above those 4 problems are 1 to 4 you can solve by following steps. And get you your Pen Drive well and proper. It will become stronger and no need to buy any new Pen Drive.

Save your money & save your memories.

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