Samsung’s MultiStar Module for Good Lock Takes Split Screen Multitasking to Next Level

Samsung's MultiStar Module

Samsung's MultiStar Module

Samsung’s MultiStar Module for Good Lock Takes Split Screen 

Samsung has rolled out a new MultiStar module for Good Lock, which basically enhances the entire split screen experience on the device. It allows the user to forcibly enable split screen mode on any application and adds on to that by keeping both windows active.

While stock Android allows you to force split screen onto apps, plenty of apps pause themselves once they discover that they’re not the main window. However, with Samsung, all the apps stay active. In fact, the module allows you to actually play two games at the same time, or watch Netflix while messaging someone on WhatsApp.

What’s more is that Samsung allows you to club Multistar with Floating Windows, thus, you can use all the apps in floating windows. You can see more about this new feature here.



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