Shared hosting is one of the most popular hostings in the world. Every new WP (WordPress) user starts their journey with the Shared hosting. Every WP user only sees advantages of shared hosting but the Mostly People Never try to read the Disadvantages of shared hosting. So,

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What is shared hosting?

>In this web hosting plan, your Blog is hosted with many serval websites at a single Physical server. This is the cheapest hosting service in the world. Because several numbers of the websites are hosted on a single server

 Advantages and Disadvantages of shared hosting

 Advantages and Disadvantages of shared hosting

y Thing in the world have some Pros and Cons Like that Shared Hosting also comes with some Pros and Cons. so, let’s start talking about the advantages

Advantages of shared hosting

style="background-color: #ffffff; color: #000000;">1.Easy to setup

  Shared Hosting is very easy to setup. Every Shared Hosting comes with the Cpanel. Cpanel of this hosting is very user-friendly and easy. Opposite of that if we set up the dedicated server or VPS Server then we require some technical knowledge.

2. Cheapest hosting

We talk above: In shared hosting, Several numbers of websites are hosted on the single server. so, the service provider charges the Hosting server cost to all of those websites. that was why this is cheapest than other hosting plans.

3. Maintainance Fees

We didn’t have to pay any server maintenance cost in the shared hosting, because of we already pay these in our plan. but in the Dedicated server, we have to pay the server maintenance fees on the Monthly Bases.

4. The best option for Newbie

If you are starting a Blog or have a Blog with low traffic then shared hosting is best for your website. Because in the shared hosting all resources are divided and Growing Blogs did not need too much Highly Powerful resources.

Disadvantages of shared hosting

ad for famous Blogs or websites

If you have a famous website and Hosting this to the shared hosting then your website going to be crash.

   because the famous need too much highly Powerful resources to run, but in shared hosting resources are divided. so, the famous website did not able to survive on the shared hosting 

2. Security Factor

In shared hosting, huge Number’s of websites are hosted on the single server. by increasing Number’s security risks are also increased. I see many websites that are only hacked due to their shared server.

Note: These Problems Only comes with the small hosting companies

3. Speed issues

if you are running a website on shared hosting then the speed issues are most common. If you choose Good service provider like SiteGround, Hostgator etc. then you maybe face this issue.

You can also sort these Problems by using some speed optimizing techniques. In upcoming articles on, I will tell you how to optimize your WordPress website speed.

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Thanks for Reading and Good Bye!

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December 30, 2018 6:23 am

It’s great that this article explains how shared hosting is the cheapest option and is easy to use, even if you don’t have much technical knowledge, which makes it a great choice for new and small business to establish a basic online presence. When you start a business, or if you’re simply looking for an easy hosting option, you’d probably want to check out the different providers and the plans they offer. Doing your research could help you choose a plan that provides you with the best online presence at a price you can afford.