The SEO Of 2019 – See What’s New and What’s Past

The SEO of 2019

I am just watching,new blogger’s are making blog in a day and applying for adsense and when there is no money after 1-2 months they quit.

You are just writing a post and sharing it on social media. Making backlinks all the day but no search engine visitors. Why?

There is a new google update leaked 14 page of pdf. So what’s in the new? Today i will discuss everything new about the google seo.

The SEO Of 2019

Content is everything. Your good content gives a good reputation of your website or blog and Google rank your page for user experience and reputation.

So we have to write articles for the visitors. Not for just we have to right and publish. try to read your article as a visitor. How much did you enjoyed your writing?

The more details the more time on page the better ranking. articles word doesn’t matter, make sure your visitors satisfied after reading your article.

If you think,meta description,title,focus keyword density gonna rank you in number 1,you are wrong.

Let me show an example :

I searched for “good friends vs toxic friends” And there is a webpage ranked no 1.

After clicking on the number 1 ranked page , what did we see?

There were 20 images and 4 line of text! How this page ranked no 1? No h1,no h2 no focused keyword.

Because it was really helpful for a visitor. And visitor really enjoyed reading from images. It’s not important that you have to write 300 words or up. It’s all about how your article helping your visitors or not.

We thought SEO is all about search engine optimization. Yes it is,but we are doing something wrong.

We are writing for search engine but we should write for our visitors satisfaction. And to earn money from a blog is became pretty hard for beginners. I personally think that it may take upto minimum 4 months to start a real earning from a blog.

But you have to write quality content for your blog and do everything for visitors satisfaction. Build up your blog reputation.

Social media helps a lot when you are trying to build a community with visitors. Social media is not like just sharing those fishy links.

Regularly update interesting pictures,memes. Try to gain some real fans and followers. Otherwise if you just writing for money you are wasting your time dude.

Money is just a outcome for your hard work. Stop thinking about earning. Make something that really helps people around the world. Earning will start automatically.

You have to write and write. The time you are wasting to build backlinks,if you use those time to write quality content in your blog it will be more beneficial.


What we learned from this article? If you want to rank in no 1,you have to genuinely help your visitors. I am not telling you that keywords,h1,h2 tags meta description is bogus. They are also important. These things helps search engine to analyze your article.

If you want to really wanna rank number one, you have to

  • Build quality content that really helps
  • Build community and reputation with visitors

If you love this article please share and spread the love. good bye.

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Anand Rawat
Anand Rawat

Thanks Bro !
You have done a awesome research on SEO 2019.
But I think Domain Age is also helping in 2019 for SEO.

Arup Samanta
Arup Samanta

Very nice SEO tricks. I must follow this SEO tips. Thank you for sharing this.