Top 10 Android Web Browsers In 2018

Top 10 Android Web Browsers

Top 10 Android Web Browsers

Web Browser is the most important and necessary for Android Phones. There are many third-party web browsers that are available in the Play Store. But it is quite hard to define which is best or which can give a fast browsing experience and consume your fewer data.

If You have an Android smartphone and you don’t have a good and handful browser, then you don’t worry. Here I pick up top 10 web browsers for Android smartphones. These browsers are very easy to use and provide a lot of features.

                          Top 10 Web Browsers For Android Phones          

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Google Chrome-Fast And Secure:

the most popular web browser for Andriod smartphones. Generally, it is a pre-installed web browser of Android phones. It is powered by Google LLC. Google Chrome is a fast, easy to use and very secure browser. It was available in two beta versions- dev channel and beta. Google Chrome also provide the beta version. You can use Chrome as your default browser. If you use the chrome browser properly, then there is no need for another browser for surfing. It was installed over 1billion in Google Play store and its rating is 4.3.

Firefox Browser Fast And Private:

another popular web browser for Android smartphones. It is a solid android browser. It is first made for PC software. But, it is now available for Android users. It is offered by Mozilla. If you want the newest features sooner you can use their beta version. They provide all the necessary features for surfing and downloading. This browser is also a good one. It downloaded over 100 million in Google Play store and ratting of this app is 4.4.


Opera Browser-News And Search:

standard Android browser. It powered by Opera. Opera has lots of Android web browsers. In them, Opera Browser is the first browser of them. The other browsers of Opera are quite good. They also provide a mini version of the Opera Browser. It provides a lot of advanced features that help you at the time of searching. Opera Browser has no beta version. It was downloaded over 100 million in Playstore and ratting of this app is 4.3.

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Uc Browser:Uc Browser:

also the very popular web browser. It provides many features including fast download, data saving,ad-block, and other important features. It is very easy to use. Uc Browser also provides an inbuilt music player in the browser. It is a very useful web browser. You don’t taste beta version of this app. You can also the mini version of the Uc Browser. But, you don’t give all the features there. It was installed over 100 millions and ratting of the app is 4.5.

Samsung Internet Br

Samsung Internet Browser Beta:

r is also the most useful web browser. It is a pre-installed android of Samsung Smartphone. This is an OEM app that is way many calls this browser as bloatware. It is offered by Samsung Electronic CO.LTD.It is famous for supporting the 360° video. For getting new features quickly, you can taste the beta version of this app. It was downloaded over 500 thousands and ratting of this app is 4.6.

Puffin Web Browser:Puffin Web Browser:

also so good as above browsers. But, the style of the Puffin browser is very beautiful. It was offered by CloudMosa Inc. It has many advanced features like moused cursor emulation, a virtual gamepad, and a theme chooser. It supports Adobe Flash content. For getting new features, you can download their beta version. It was downloaded over 10 million and ratting of this app is 4.3

Dolphin Web Browser-Fa

Dolphin Web Browser-Fast Private Internet Search:

he best Browser for Android phones. It is powered by Dolphin Browser. It is famous for its gesture system. You can use this browser by the gesture. For a quick update, you can taste its beta version. It was installed over 50 million and the ratting of this app is 4.5.

Maxthon5 Browser-fast &

Maxthon5 Browser-fast & Private:

very popular browser in Google Play store. The style of this app is so awesome. You gave more fast and secure Internet surfing. It is offered by Maxthon Browser. It was downloaded over 10 million and ratting of this app is 4.4.

CM Browser-Ad B

CM Browser-Ad Blocker, Fast Download, Privacy:

Clean Master mobile antivirus app. CM Browser is coming from them. It is offered by Cheeta Mobile (Browser). It deserves to be it on the list. It is a very simple and lightweight browser. The browser is like UC browser and Opera Beta. It has no beta version. It was downloaded over 50 million and ratting of this app is 4.6.

Brave Browser-Fast AdBl

Brave Browser-Fast AdBlocker:

pular browser for Android. But, it will improve quickly. It is also an easy and light-weight browser. They also provide the fast Ad-Blocker feature. This app offered by Brave Software. It was downloaded over 1 million and ratting of this app is 4.4.

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web browsers for Android smartphones. 
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