What is Blog? A complete Guide for Beginners in 2019

WHAT IS BLOG_ A complete Guide for Beginners

Hello friends, Are you planning to start your dream blog and want a BOSS free life? That’s great, but the main points everyone should understand, what actually blog is? How does it work, in the world of the internet?

No worry, I will explain all nuts of blogging basically how this work and how you can make money blogging in this article.

so, without wasting any time, let’s get dive in.

What is Blog?

A blog is a website where a person or entity can write content about a specific topic or just to share thoughts and opinions in general. It appears as different posts in chronological order where images and hyperlinks to other sources are included.

You can start blogging as an expert of an area as cooking or travelling, you can blog as a way of expressing feelings or also as a company using the blog as a marketing tool to create content and engage your target audience.

What is the difference between Blog & Website?

Blogs are websites, but we usually differentiate both terms. From a business perspective, blogs are content generators while the website is a showcase for products or services.

So, the corporate blog is usually inserted in the website and provides content related to the company area of expertise.

As a legal platform for business, a blog provides insights about the legal issues of the entrepreneurial world, allowing us to express our knowledge and at the same time provide interesting content to our audience.

History of Blog? From where Blog came into Existence?

Here’s a great site which explains the history of blogging and kind of the first blogger who most people credit with starting blogging.

Over the years many platforms have come out which have made blogging easier to do for your average person who’s not a web designer or that tech savvy.

Things like Google Blogger, Tumblr blogs, and more recently Medium which has kind of caused a renewed interest in blogging. While vlogging (video Blog) is slowly taking over blogging in popularity there’s still a lot of interest in both writing and reading blogs.

Who can Blog?

Blogging can be someone sharing a personal diary online, someone sharing a hobby or activity or area of interest. Also many companies these days have blogs.

Pretty much every business, restaurant, service business, product, company has a blog keeping their customers up to date on the industry as well as their company or product specifications.

I enjoy paddleboarding as a hobby. A good example of a company blog would be bodyglove, I happen to own a bodyglove paddleboard.

If you look at their blog it’s a combination of news about them and their products such as a post about a new paddleboard they are introducing shortly as well as more general content about paddleboarding, athletes who paddleboard etc

How Do Bloggers Make Money From Their Blogs?

There are many ways to monetize a blog.

Some people run Adsense or other ad networks like Chiquita.

A blogger can place a code on their site which will feature relevant ads based on the reader’s search history as well as the content of the site.

You have affiliate marketing where bloggers may mention or talk about a product and then link to Amazon or similar sites through a special trackable link and they get a percentage of each sale they drive.

Bloggers also do sponsor posts where a company will pay them to blog about a certain product.

Bloggers can also sell ad space directly to companies and made their offers.

At the End

Hope you find bit of some value from this article. what is your opinion about this and if any query or question, please feel free to put-up in comment sections. This post is contributed by me on behalf of CoolTechnoSpy group. You can visit and read complete extensive learning regarding this post, Comprehensive guide exclusively what is Blog writing|Example of Blogs.

Have a wonderful day ahead, readers!

See you in the next post.

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