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Assalamu Alaikum!

Smart, smart, and smart We are now more familiar with every Smartphone? The smart ward is about as much as it is, more than that, but we think about a smartphone is a little too much. And if we do not, we use around 15 million crore mobile phone users of 17 million people. And the number of Internet users in our country is more than 8 million. Are we smart ‘only’ if we have a smartphone? Does the internet mean to receive entertainment on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube? And if we can take entertainment from these social sites, are we ‘smart’? I will not say !. Nobody can be smart by using smartphones. Nobody can be smart just by fitting Facebook. But yes we can be smart by smartphones! How?

What kind of smartphone do you use? Do you know how many times a person touches his favorite smartphone in a day? On average, 6617 times, he touches his taste smartphone gently. We spend most of the time on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube on these social sites. We are always busy with cheating on Facebook. Tweet tweets to big celebrities on Twitter. And when you enter YouTube, it’s time to watch hours, movies, plays, etc. But yes we can learn or learn more from this social site too. How?

Currently, we are using smartphones on our way. Wherever you go with the smartphone If you do not have an automated smartphone, it seems like there is no lump in it. Since we can not go without a smartphone!

Think about what are the tools or apps on your smartphone? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Video Player and Internet Browser These are definitely ours. Let’s do the educational work with these tools or apps.

Facebook: On Facebook, we stay on Facebook for hours We can learn a lot through this Facebook. There are thousands of educational groups on Facebook, pages are a member of this group, and we can learn a lot about posting a group post. These groups are managed by experienced people. For example, I can say thousands of posts in the Search English group for English teaching. There are also many groups of technical issues. digital skills for India This group has hundreds of technical postings. After reading these things we can learn the basics of IT.

Twitter: We see tweets on Twitter on various topics. We will not follow the tweets about these different and follow some of the tweets. For example, News, follow the world’s largest newspaper site and know the news about the world. These sites will have to follow us.

Youtube: On YouTube, we know that it is only for entertainment. It’s a bad idea! The popularity of YouTube is coming out day by day. do you know? Not all people come on YouTube but for entertainment. They come to learn something YouTube There are millions of educational channels on YouTube. What do you want to learn You can earn all types of skills from this YouTube. Suppose you want to learn website design. YouTube will be your biggest teacher. Just how to das

Thousands of tutorials appear in the search by writing das.

Let us all work well on these social sites !!

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smart smart smart…outstanding sir…ye bato ki aapne first paragraph keywords use kyun nhi kiye?