WhatsApp’s 5 Secret Features You Do not Know

Whatsapp is a very simple unique messaging app that lets you find ads. Offers free messaging service. And the most popular app in the world. And its most Beneficial thing is that it has the highest number of users in India. And around the world it has approximately one billion (1,000,000,000) USERS.

And it’s hidden in WhatsAppSpace, some cool tricks that make WhatsAppSpace the best, Where’s WhatSapp does something new with every update. But the normative user does not know what new feature has come in WhatsApp, today I will tell you about 5 best features which you hardly know.

1. New Font –

the new feature, WhatsApp has added a new font, which will make your message look more cool, but a special symbol is used to type it.

2. New Styles –

You will write these grave accent symbols three times in the beginning and end of your message. As shown in the photo, it is just the beginning but it is written in the last.

Example = “` Hello “`

And send a message. The computer is under the symbol “ESC KEY” in the computer keyboard. And in mobile, you will find these numbers and special Character, or copy them from = “`

If you want to highlight a word in your message or want to look special, then you can make your message even better with the help of some symbols.

As shown in the photo, you will have to understand that you have to use Symbols but you do not have to write it three times in it, only you have to put the symbol one time and that message is also back and forth. You can also write a message through Combination.

Example: –

Bold = * Bold * = Bold

Italics = _Italics_ = Italics

Strikethrough = ~ Strikethrough ~

You can also write messages by combing any of these. like

3. Hide Read Receipts

If you do not want anyone to know whether you read his message or not, then you can turn off Read Receipts by going to App Settings -> Account -> Privacy. If you have a message and you see it, She will never know that you saw the message. And if you also send a message to anyone, you will not even know if he saw your message or not.

But if you want to send it, then you should know if anyone can see it or not, and if you come to it then you do not know whether you saw it or not. So you need to read in Settings -> Account -> Privacy in Read Receipts Keep it on.

And whenever someone sends you a message, you clear the notification and clear it without seeing it.
Now turn on the “Airplane Mode” of your mobile. This will stop both your internet data and WiFi.
Now you read that message
And then exit Whatsapp and airplane mode off
No one will know now whether you have read the message or not.

4. Transfer Files –

If you want to insert a photo from your phone or enter it from your computer, you can use your whitespace.

Firstly open Web.Whtsapp.Com in your computer
Or both of them will work in the same way by installing the desktop version of WhatsApp on your computer.
Now scan your QR code to run WhatsApp from your mobile computer.
Now your Whatsapp is connected on both the computer and the mobile.
Now create a group with any friends, now delete that friend from the group, now you are alone in the group
Now you send the file from the computer to the group, as soon as you come to that group, you will also be able to transfer your file to WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

5. Usage Data – 


The whitspeap you use, the calculation of that data always makes whatsapps you can easily find out how much of your data is used in whatsapp and what is used for it.

If you want to work your data, then you have some tips.

Set media auto download to no media, there is 3 settings. Do all the media so that you can download the file you want, the files of the spare file will not be automatically downloaded.
Keeping the Low Data Usage option turned on.
These were 5 Secret Whitspepe Features you would have liked if yes, then share this post. And if any questions or suggestion happens, make the following comments.

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Aman Ahmed
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