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New update in whatsapp

WhatsApp New Feature: There are lots of new features coming for WhatsApp users. Today WhatsApp has become the need of everyone. WhatsApp is now being used for personal work from office to office. In view of the need and increasing popularity of users, the company is once again preparing to launch new features. By the very beginning, since the beginning of 2018, WhatsApp has brought many new features.


In order to prevent the misuse of WhatsApp, the company also started the notification of forwarding messages, so that it is known that the message sent is forwarded. To make your chatting experience easier, this time WhatsApp has come up with a feature that was still only for iPhone users. But now you will be able to use the features of the iPhone’s WhatsApp on your Android phone.

This new feature of WhatsApp is ‘Swipe to reply‘. This feature is currently being tested before launch. With the help of Swipe right Gesture in the WhatsApp Swipe to Reply feature, any message can be retrieved rapidly.

According to the information given by WhatsApp BetaInfo, this feature will be able to use early users in upcoming updates. This feature already exists in iOS. After the launch of this feature, it will be possible to reply to any message even more quickly for Android users.

Through swipe to reply feature, we swipe that message to right to reply your friends. After doing so, WhatsApp will automatically load that message in the reply box. This means that now you will not need to press and hold the message for the reply button. This means that now you will not need to press and hold the message for the reply button.

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