Introduction For Better Blogging Platform

I Know Some Blogger is here they are a beginner for blogging. They are don’t know what is blogging and Which platform Better for blogging. Gyes today I will tell you and clear your confusion. Let’s Start.
Beginner Thinking About Blogging
First time When you start your blogging carrier. All Beginner Thinking Blogging is effortless. But I am telling you blogging is not easy. If you invest your time on your blog. Then blogging is very easy. Beginner always thinks “he started a blog and he earning per month 1000$. Why I can’t make 1000$ per month ” Friends you are right. You can build but first spent much more time on your blog; then you can Earn Money.
Where do you start your Blogging carrier
All Blogger even I am starting my blogging journey from Now I am doing in my blog on WordPress. If you are a Beginner. You don’t know where to start your blog. I highly recommended you start your blog first using And if you are thinking to start your blog journey using or using the free hosting website. Friends don’t go to or Free hosting site. Because anyone cannot provide to you free. If you start your blog on a free hosting website. You can’t Backup your data, and you Loss your information either you buy hosting to this free hosting website for pay higher amount. So I will request you start your blog using
Why you start BLogging Jurney From
Because of is the services of Google. You can get limited access. But don’t worry this is enough. When you utterly expert for, then you can buy hosting and then use the WordPress blog. through you can get one free template. If you don’t know where to get free blogger template see Ripon brother video. Then you can find the best Template for your blogger.
  • Custome Domain– you can easily use custom Add your custom any Domain (Free Domain or Paid Domain)
  • Google Search Consol- if you can easily verify with your google search console.
  • Template- you can get easily template for your blogger and easily import in your blogger and create a beautiful design.
  • Adsense- You can Direct open your Adsense account from your blog and Easily put your Adsense code.
  • Socal median– you can share your blog to social media for easy don’t need to use any plugin.
You can get many types of features on If you need any help for you can contact us either join facebook group Blogging B
Mafiya. We will help you.
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May 16, 2019 12:12 pm

Thank you for sharing this article.

Hollybolly news
Hollybolly news
May 17, 2019 4:51 pm

Thank you, bro Ripon