Windows or Linux – Which one the best? My Personal Experience

Windows or Linux - Which one the best? My Personal Experience

In this article, I will discuss the windows vs. Linux operating system. And also share you why we should use Linux.

I’m using Linux for about two years. Though Linux has some limitations, its performance is just awesome. With its powerful security system. I didn’t get virus attack in Linux. Besides Linux, I’m also using windows seven too. I use windows firewall and Microsoft security essential in windows 7. I was attacked by virus two times in windows 7. So, from my experience, I want to share some advice for windows and Linux users.

Windows or Linux – Which one the best? My Personal Experience

Windows or Linux - Which one the best? My Personal Experience

Windows or Linux? – Some Advice & Tips

For Windows users:

Pirated windows are the main culprit. It has the lowest security system that causes of attack various virus. So, if you need to use windows then use windows genuine version.

Microsoft’s security essential was just resisting virus when they attacked, but it never took action before virus attack. Because of keeping this application lightweight. Therefore, if you see the pc have the virus but security essential doesn’t take any action then don’t afraid. But if you have any doubt, then my advice is to use Avast antivirus to take action against that virus.

Use firewall: From control panel enable the windows firewall. The firewall will confirm you that your applications couldn’t get access to the internet without your permission.

Internet Explorer gives access to your windows many options. It is a big type of security threat and one of the best way of virus infection. So, update your internet explorer to the latest version or use another browser if possible.

Before using any software make sure that its trust. Without well-knowing of software don’t use it. If you need to know about any software then just go to and type the software name. It will give you a piece of detailed information about that software.

For Linux users:

Linux need security! After I heard this, you may think that I’m just joking with you. But seriously Linux is not except virus attack. It also could be attacked by a virus. Linux malware is now server targeted because Linux hasn’t much popular on the desktop. But when Linux is becoming more popular, then the viruses will come to the desktop. So, from now Linux users must be careful.

Linux most power security its online repository. Their software is tested and has no risk to use. So, use application from the repository as far as possible.

Most of us use application from the third-party repo. We need first know well about that repo.

It’s very easy to seek root permission of Linux, just add ‘sudo’ or ‘gksu’ before the command. So, think of the better before giving the root permission to a third party application or application which isn’t installed from Linux online repository. The internal security system of Linux is very well so don’t worry about it. Just carefully handle it. But the security system has increased windows too. Windows 7 is so much secure from windows xp. After all, well security requires users awareness.

Now the question is why you should use Linux? Well, for better understanding why you should use Linux, install a Linux distro and do some development work with it. Then the same thing does with windows. Hope you will get the accurate proof and well understanding. Now lets read some Linux facility.

Linux facility

1. Linux is mainly Unix based system. Linux is not Unix but like as Unix. You will have some opportunity/facility on software development work if you use Unix based system, but in windows operating system there are lots of difficulties to get this facility. To read more about this just search it on Google.

2. World’s most dangerous virus was written for windows, that’s why virus attack on windows. Windows program doesn’t work in Linux, so that virus can’t attack it. So, you can use Linux without worry about virus or even antivirus.

3. Linux is the very lightweight system. If you use a Pentium four processor and 512 MB RAM or other old lower RAM, then it should be useable. So, in an easy word, Linux is free, secured, free from a virus that’s are promotion or marketing. But if you wish you can use Linux, break all the Linux parts and research of each every part. Almost you could learn about the operating system.


After all most of us using that windows which is free. Because the paid version of windows needs money. So, when we are using free windows, we like as a thief! Linux is free and open source. So, anyone can contribute with you in Linux. Linux has the same features wich windows have. Also, Linux has no virus. So, I always suggest you work with Linux to get better performance from windows.

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